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Disclosure: I have no medical training or licensing of any kind. Information here is my opinion based on stuff I've read and heard about. Always consult your own medical practitioner.

You are what you eat? Eat your veggies? Get plenty of exercise? These are words most of us don't really want to hear, but as we get older it becomes more apparent how important it is. Many have put up with symptoms sense childhood and just assumed that was the way it is and got used to it.

In my case, I found I am highly sensitive to wheat, dairy, eggs, almonds and several other foods. Eating these foods or derivatives cause various symptoms. Food sensitivities can cause some sort of inflammation, joint pain, headache, depression, indigestion, sinus conditions or aggravated reaction to pollens. I'm convinced that continued exposure to allergens can lead to increased susceptibility to more serious conditions like cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

It can be very difficult to avoid some foods as they are in many prepared and packaged foods. Restaurants are a real challenge.

So, what can you do? Start by reading labels in the grocery store. It is absolutely amazing how many foods have wheat, corn, dairy and many other common allergens. At the restaurant a simple meal with mashed potatoes and gravy has wheat (in the gravy), Dairy in the potatoes. Who knows what secret ingredients the chef put in the food?

Sometimes you just need to resign yourself to suffer. Take aspirin or Tums or whatever. Do the best you can with what you have.

Update April, 2011: On a personal note: I have mostly removed grains, especially glutinous grains, dairy, and eggs, and now all legumes from my diet. This is the first spring in a very long time I have not suffered from the symptoms of pollen allergies. Previous years I would start taking Loratadine (Claritin®) in January and by this time I would be taking it twice a day instead of the recommended once a day. Also sometimes at night adding Benadryl to get a good nights sleep. I really hate the thought of such an overdose of these or any other drugs.

After eliminating the offending foods and pretty much switching to the so called Paleo diet I seem to have cured my pollen allergy and the joint pains that were bothering me. This will seem counterintuitive to most people but it works for me.

Eventually I intend to write a Paleo diet page. Until then see my diets page and robbwolf.com